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Cocktail bar in Stockholm

Draken 龍 

An asian inspired divebar in the heart of Stockholm

Our Story

Inspired from the travels of our staff in asian metropols like Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong

comes Draken 龍 an divebar experience in collaboration with famous Chinese fusion restaurant Waipo.

Here you can taste amazing food with exquisite cocktails handcrafted by our staff in a stylish enviroment.

Our DJ's play tunes of Deep/Tech & Progressive House late into the night.

Welcome for a visit to a brand new experience.

Exquisite Cocktails


White Negroni

A modern touch

5 cl Malfys con Limone gin

Italicus Liqueur

Bäska droppar

Lilet blanc

Martini bianco


Bumbu Dumbu

A refined version of the classic Old Fashioned

5 cl Bumbu rum

2 dash of chocolate bitters

Demerara sugar

Cacao powder

Coffee Beans



Catch us at

Friday & Saturdays: 22pm - Late
Jakobsbergsgatan 15 I Restaurant Waipo I Stockholm


Dinner reservations

Catch a table from 20.00

We strongly recommend for the whole experience to make 

a reservation for dinner from 20.00.


Open from 22:00 - Late

Agelimit: 23+

Dresscode: Club & Smart

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